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About Us

Formed in 2012, the Phlebotomy Instructor Corp an is a nation’s only organization that represents and serves the professional interests of all medical practitioners, including nurses, phlebotomy technicians, medical assistants, doctors and other all other medical professionals looking to get credentialed as a certified phlebotomy instructor. To achieve that goal, we set out to establish standards against which to measure a medical professionals level of phlebotomy knowledge and skill, the first such unified standards in the U.S. to apply to medical professionals, phlebotomy schools and phlebotomy employers. We serve our certified members by advocating on issues that impact their ability to provide quality phlebotomy care, providing high-quality phlebotomy education that improves the knowledge and skills of medical practitioners, and supporting phlebotomy research and innovation.

Phlebotomy Instructor is an independent credentialing organization that is dedicated to the education and growth of the field of Phlebotomy education. Through networking and framework, we plan to establish the nations largest and most premier phlebotomy instructor program.

Whether you’re a phlebotomist, school educator, employee, or employer, phlebotomy instructor is driven to improve the quality of your phlebotomy career and business. By helping prepare the next generation of phlebotomy workers, we are helping individuals and healthcare businesses make a meaningful, positive impact.

At phlebotomy instructor, we believe in always being phlebotomy industry leaders. We engage with both regulatory as well as legal bodies to promote the phlebotomy instructor qualification for the phlebotomy industry as well as for the phlebotomists working in it. We are passionately devoted to creating, progressing, and also promoting the frontline health care worker.

Phlebotomy Instructors proven results elevate and impact the lives of individuals, schools, and businesses serving the phlebotomy industry. Our comprehensive instructor certification and preparation resources provide our clients with access to the professional success they desire. Phlebotomy instructor provides continuity for educators and employers seeking a partner with multiple phlebotomy instructor certification options, giving phlebotomy students and employers a trusted path to skills growth and career advancement.
Today, the Phlebotomy Instructor is an association of phlebotomy schools, phlebotomy companies, and all education facilities located throughout the U.S.

The CPI certification program has three primary levels of phlebotomy certification from basic teach the teacher course, all the way to implementation of phlebotomy curriculum and handbooks for schools. Whether your goal is to teach as a phlebotomy instructor at a school or employer to phlebotomy workshops, the phlebotomy instructors education system will guide you as you learn the theory behind teaching phlebotomy, practice the skills needed to teach phlebotomy workshops, and build the foundation of knowledge that will enable you to open a phlebotomy school and get approved with your state’s Board of Education.

By establishing national standards for phlebotomy instructor certification, the CPI has provided a way for more medical professionals to take part in the phlebotomy education safely, with the proper phlebotomy training and respect for their responsibilities as phlebotomy instructor, ensuring that phlebotomy industry will be safer, smarter, and benefit everybody.

Our Values and Vision

  • We believe that all patients deserve high quality and safe medical care delivered by qualified education practices.
  • We believe that all phlebotomist deserve a safe, healthy and respectful work environment.
  • We believe that all phlebotomist technicians deserve adequate and equitable compensation.
  • We believe that professional education, national education standards and research are essential to the consistent delivery of high quality, evidence-based phlebotomy education.
  • We believe that collaboration within the phlebotomy healthcare profession and within the larger healthcare community is essential to addressing the key challenges in delivering high quality phlebotomy students.
  • We shall represent the views and concerns of all phlebotomy technicians regardless of delivery model.
  • We shall conduct all NPCE business with integrity and transparency, and adhere to the ethical standards of our profession.

Our Vision

As the phlebotomy industry leader, we are passionately committed to developing, advance, and advocate for the frontline phlebotomy technician workers, resulting in overall improved phlebotomy patient care.



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