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Phlebotomy Instructor Certification Package

The phlebotomy instructor Certification package includes:

Online Education Portal

Presentation Materials *

CPI ID Badge

Phone Cosultations *

Digital Certificate Copy

Workshop & School Map *


Certification Hard Copy


Exams with Rationales *

* Included with Tier 2 Professional Instructor Certification Only

CPI Basic Package

This program is designed for nationally accredited phlebotomists who want to become phlebotomy instructors. With this certification you will have the ability to work for a school teaching courses or function as a stand alone instructor. As an independent instructor you will be able to teach refresher courses, additional hands on practice seminars and provide education for recertification for phlebotomists that need a renewal on their national certification.

What you receive as part of your package:

  1. Teach the Teacher Course ( Canvas Platform)
  2. Nationally Accredited Phlebotomy Certification + Professional Badge
  3. Affiliate Webpage Link
  4. Instructor Handbook CPI 1
  5. Refresher course materials
  6. Stripe credit card account processing and debit card for immediate commission distribution
  7. Wholesale pricing for certification of your phlebotomy renewal students
  8. Referral fee program
When you become an NPCE certifying partner you get wholesale pricing for all certifications we provide or a flat 25% referral fee through your link page deposited into your Stripe card for every referred person.
These certifications include:

  1. Phlebotomy Certification
  2. Phlebotomy Renewal
  3. ECG Certification
  4. Paramed Examiner Certification
  5. Phlebotomy Instructor Certification
  6. Continued Education (CEUs)
  7. MA Certification

CPI Pro Package

Prerequisite: National Phlebotomy Certification

With the CPI 2 Certification, you will receive all materials included in CPT 1 and so much more!

Included with CPI 2:

  1. Phlebotomy Instructor Certification
  2. Teach the Teacher Course
  3. Instructor Handbook CPI 2
  4. Course Curriculum for Refresher course
  5. Guidelines for clinical/ hands on practice
  6. Credit Card Processing (Stripe)
  7. Streak, G Suite, Slack account ( technologies to run your business)
  8. Digital Marketing Package ( business cards, printable materials)
  9. First Aid for Instructors Teaching Materials
  10. Electronic Tablet with all printable materials, technology platforms
  11. Personalized Web Page link
  12. Study guides for teaching phlebotomy refresher course
  13. Access to the Coronavirus course, Paramed course, Phlebotomy course and Phlebotomy Instructor course study guides

  1. Centrifuge (1)
  2. Blood Pressure Cuff (1)
  3. Pulse Oxymeter (1)
  4. 1st Aid Kit (1)
  5. Tray Liners ( 10)
  6. Gloves (20)
  7. Butterfly needles (8)
  8. Straight needles (12)
  9. Vaccutainers (8)
  10. Tourniquets (10)
  11. Alcohol swabs (1 box)
  12. Gauze 2×2 (1 pack)
  13. Tubes ( Lavender/ Tiger Top SST) (20)
  14. Bandages (1 box)
  15. Tape (1 roll)
  16. Sharps container (1)
  17. Lancets (10)
  18. Transfer bags (5)
  19. Measuring tape (1)
  20. Cooler for instruction of blood transporting (1)
This package includes everything you would need to begin teaching hands on refresher courses, hands on workshops and phlebotomy recertification courses for your students!

When your students have completed your courses, their phlebotomy renewal certifications are provided to you at a wholesale rate. The wholesale rate for the 2 year hard copy National Phlebotomy Certification breakdown is as follows:

First 20 students- $125 (retail $200)
20-50 students -$115 ( retail $200)
50 or more students- $100 (retail $200)

You can charge your students and purchase certification from us at these rates, or refer through your personalized webpage and receive commissions directly on your Stripe Card, provided by us. We make it as easy for you as we can to have your hands free to do what you do best- teach! After a referral is made you are 100 % hands off! We take care of the rest!


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