School Instructor Certification

Licensing, Accredidation and Compliance

What’s a phlebotomy school without a thorough, relevant phlebotomy curriculum? Drawing on our deep educational expertise and relationships in the industry, we’ll make sure yours delivers exactly what students are looking for. Our solid partnerships with state regulators as well as national accreditors, combined with our phlebotomy education and learning experience, give unrivaled understanding into the ever-growing and transforming regulative phlebotomy industry. Our experience in the phlebotomy market is what makes us the leader.


Cirriculum Licensing and Development

We guide you from the very start of the phlebotomy school licensing procedure, as well as we’re with you every step of the method– whomever you serve as well as anywhere you are.

Take advantage of our established industry relationships with national and regional accrediting agencies. We’ll assist with initial phlebotomy private post-secondary accreditation and phlebotomy re-accreditation. And we’re here to help you work through any disciplinary actions you may currently face.

Our reverse engineering process makes it easy for us to translate a set of credentials into a course, certificate, or degree program. We begin by defining the basic competencies needed in a phlebotomy vocation, map those to learning objectives, and build a curriculum from there.

We help your school and college get state approvals for phlebotomy certification program. It’s important to know state authorizations for level giving personal post-second establishments and programs. Gain access to phlebotomy school state approvals for online institutions and also programs. We specialize in developing procedures for long-term success, including the growth of academic plans, magazines, handbooks, planning files, and extra. In addition, we strive to achieve the advancement of standard operating phlebotomy certification procedure manuals. Lastly, the review of phlebotomy educational program for regulative authorization as well as the implementation of pupil details systems to maintain exact student documents.


Our certified phlebotomy instructors work in phlebotomy schools every day. We don’t just train you with basic tools. We teach how to integrate those phlebotomy marketing and tools into your phlebotomy curriculum. We’ll help you understand the next step for your phlebotomy school, and ensure you’re setting your institution up to run smoothly for the long term.

  • Management and organization analysis
  • Compliance and regulatory guidance
  • Business planning
  • Marketing Materials
  • Sales and acquisitions
  • Online education platforms
  • Expansion of organizational mission
  • Guidance on phlebotomy curriculum and certification vendor implementation




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