® Core Curriculum


The Phlebotomy Instructor Program Curriculum is designed to make you tap into your creative side. Phlebotomy Instructor knows and understands that Phlebotomy is not just sticking, it is a culmination of learned skills, customer service with experience and the ability to think on your feet. This program will allow you to utilize your experience as a phlebotomist to help you create a phlebotomy technician program that you will be able to tailor to your community and its demographics.


In this Program you will learn:
check-mark-8-512 Different types of Lectures

check-mark-8-512 How to Lecture

check-mark-8-512 How to secure a Clinical Site

check-mark-8-512 How to set up your Class Laboratory

check-mark-8-512How to write your entire Phlebotomy Tech Program

check-mark-8-512 Where to get Phlebotomy Supplies for the class

check-mark-8-512 How to choose a good book to teach from

check-mark-8-512 The different types of students and how to teach them

This Curriculum is 50% work and 50% you! This Phlebotomy Instructors Program is going to give you all you need to create a program that will produce Competent Phlebotomy Technicians that this Profession is looking for. A Program is only as good as the one teaching it. It is going to take you, your personality, and delivery of the information, passion, strength and the want to be the best Phlebotomy Instructor you are supposed to be.


Duties Include the Following:
check-mark-8-512 Providing classroom, skills laboratory, and/or clinical instruction. Teaching may be days, evenings or weekends.

check-mark-8-512Advising, assisting and evaluating students.

check-mark-8-512 Participating in program activities including curriculum and program planning, development, evaluation and decision making.

check-mark-8-512 Contributing to the development of the phlebotomy programs policies and procedures.

check-mark-8-512 Developing clinical rotations for laboratory/hospital placements.

check-mark-8-512 Meeting with staff in laboratory/community agencies for orientation and coordination of instruction.

check-mark-8-512 Evaluating students’ laboratory competencies following the program’s regulations and procedures.

check-mark-8-512 Assist the Medical Assisting/Phlebotomy Coordinator to ensure all records are developed and maintained as required by the NAACLS.



Beyond the Minimum Prerequisites, the following teaching competencies are desirable:

check-mark-8-512Competencies related to professional practice – knowledgeable about content area.

check-mark-8-512Facilitating relationships with staff & laboratory managers in laboratory settings to benefit students.

check-mark-8-512 Competencies related to service/governance –understanding institutional structure, policies & procedures.

check-mark-8-512Competencies related to curriculum and program development, knowledge of teaching & learning theory, information resources & evaluating student competencies.

check-mark-8-512Competencies related to relationships with students and colleagues – ability to advise & develop collaborative relationships with a diverse. student population, and skill in working as a team member on a teaching team that is learner centered.


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