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Join our elite group of trained & certified Phlebotomy Instructors and learn how to teach individuals, businesses, schools, and communities the most effective phlebotomy curriculum skills available.

Phlebotomy Instructor Certification Package

The phlebotomy instructor certification package includes:

Online Education Portal

CPI ID Badge

Digital Certificate Copy


Certification Hard Copy

Presentation Materials *

Phone Cosultations *

Workshop & School Map *


Exams with Rationales *

* Included with Professional CPI Certification Only





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When you become a Certified Phlebotomy Instructor Trainer, you will have instant gain accessibility to our phlebotomy teach the teacher online education portal. The phlebotomy instructor certification site will give you a networking site where you can connect with phlebotomy instructors and educators nationwide, allowing you to trade knowledge, information as well as proficiency, or to ask us concerns directly. Our hope is that you discover the website, and start to share ideas, review the most recent patterns in phlebotomy training as well as offer us responses so we can partner with you to supply exceptional training.

Instructor Prerequisites:

Phlebotomy Instructor Certification (CPI) is a phlebotomy teacher credential that brings an essential mix of phlebotomy topic proficiency as well as considerable training experience to the phlebotomy class. Participants of this discipline have established proficiency of the phlebotomy education and learning through structured phlebotomy academic core curricula or expert qualification in the areas of phlebotomy for which they are accountable. Additionally, CPI candidates must have shown the effective application of phlebotomy skills in an educational setting. Medical professionals accredited as phlebotomy instructor tackle the most important duty of working as mentors to the future phlebotomists and consequently established examples as specialists in the growing phlebtomy certification area.


  • Minimum of 500 successful unaided non-donor blood collections within the past 2 years.
  • Five full years as a full-time medical professional performing blood collections.
  • Active phlebotomy certification or higher level credentialing certification that included phlebotomy training.
  • Reliable form of transportation and a current valid drivers license and insurance.
  • Associate or Bachlors Degree is preffered, nurses and doctos automatically qualify and meet pre requisites.
  • Must have a clean background check and have all vacinations in order to teach in a medical setting.
  • High school graduation and completion of RN, LPN, MA, MT, MLS, MLT, PHD or other accepted allied health profession education that includes phlebotomy training.

Who uses Phlebotomy Instructor?

Phlebotomy Instructor Certification is more than a course or certification. It is fundamentally a personal development program. We combine the flexibility of online with hands-on phlebotomy certification training. Whether you’re just thinking about finding a job as a certified phlebotomy instructor, offering phlebotomy refresher courses, creating phlebotomy workshops or implementing phlebotomy program to your existing organization phlebotomy instructor certification has all the solutions. If you already have an up and running phlebotomy school and also have students in your classroom, CPI will provide ongoing support and guidance by implementing the proper materials, curriculums, and phlebotomy handbooks. We offer individuals, employers, and schools phlebotomy instructor certification packages.


Phlebotomist, Medical Assistants, Certified Nursing Assistants, Registered Nurses, Licensed Nurse Practitioners, Doctors and any medical professionals looking to teach phlebotomy.


Vocational, Secondary, Post-Secondary, Trade Schools, Career Centers, Colleges, Universities, and all other academic training facilities.


Hospitals, Clinical Laboratories, Health Clinics, Wellness Companies, Donations Centers, Clinical Trials Organizations and all companies that work with phlebotomists.

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