Phlebotomy Instructor Certification (CPI)

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Phlebotomy Instructor Certifcation Package

The CPI certification package includes FREE:

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What is a Paramed?

Is teaching your passion? Do you enjoy teaching? Are you an expert in the phlebotomy field? Are you already a phlebotomy instructor?  Do you want to open a phlebotomy school?

If your answered YES to any of the questions above, then you are at the right place. Phlebotomy Instructor, an independent credentialing organization, has helped medical professionals build successful careers as phlebotomy instructors for nearly a decade. Instructor certification will help you gain credibility and a strong foundation. Phlebotomy Instructor certification provides step by step instructions for starting your own business and teaching phlebotomy. Our knowledge directors will provide tutorials to help you jump start your career or business. After the completion of your Phlebotomy Instructor Certification (CPI) our directors offer unlimited mentoring to help you succeed further. We offer one-time certification fee, no yearly fees to cite or to use our materials and curriculum.

Experienced phlebotomy technicians who are ready to help others learn how to become phlebotomy technicians should consider working towards becoming a certified instructor. To earn this certification, you must:

  • Meet Prerequisites
  • Complete the Instructor Candidacy Process
  • Pass the Instructor Preparation Course
  • Successfully Teach a Phlebotomy Certification Course

Phlebotomy Instructor Certification
(CPI) Prerequisites:


  • Minimum of 500 successful unaided non-donor blood collections within the past 2 years
  • Five full years as a full-time medical professional performing blood collections
  • Active phlebotomy certification or higher level credentialing certification that included phlebotomy training
  • High school graduation and completion of RN, LPN, MA, MT, MLS, MLT, PHD or other accepted allied health profession education that includes phlebotomy training
  • Reliable form of transportation and a current valid drivers license and insurance
  • Personal or business checking or savings account
  • Must have a clean background check and be able to pass a drug test

Your classroom training must include anatomy, physiology or the circulatory system, specimen collection, specimen processing and handling, and laboratory operations.


Phlebotomy Instructor makes teaching and learning easier for everyone. Once you become a Phlebotomy Instructor, you will have immediate access to our Instructor Community, a networking site where you can connect with your fellow Instructors to exchange knowledge, information and expertise, or to ask us questions directly. Our hope is that you explore the site and begin to share ideas, discuss the latest trends in phlebotomy training and give us feedback so we can partner with you to provide outstanding training and save more lives.